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No way! Forget Bernie Sanders. Sweeping Gun Ban

Yes, after his last statements about gun control and his proposal of a sweeping gun ban even against legal citizens right to defend themselves.  He is finished.

Some will say he has some points, but read what he said, then read it again and let it really sink in.
He is clearly off the mark and against the second amendment!
Support our constitution and our 
second amendment rights 


New Classifieds – Gunlisting

Sometimes things just go right,
After much work to find a good way to build a free gun listings classified site, has finally finished and now you can post Gun advertisements with ease. The website is very easy to navigate.
Photos can be uploaded of your item for sale, a description of your Archery, rifle or handguns and supplies.
Each gun listing is free but you can have your gunlistings featured too for a small one time fee. Great idea to get your add out there in the spotlight.
I found that the site works nice and is easy on the eyes as I read the pages. I tried the site and listed some ammo.
I was able to upload photos for Free!

When you add your listing there is a contact button so other interested parties will be able to contact you.

Some of the key points to note on a new website is your pivacy! On they do not share your information, email address with anybody or any companies. This is something very important to know when signing up on a website!

I hope you like the look and feel of GunListing Classifieds I think it looks good.

So you’re still here?

Head on over and check out the Gun Listings!!