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My Favorite Holiday Music

I love Christmas holidays and I especially love the music that you hear a lot more of during the season.  (Yes, I really am a music-lover!)  While many songs are religion-based, there are also many that are non-denominational cheerful carols you can sing to bring uplifting spirits to everyone around you.  Who doesn’t get their winter blues chased away after listening to timeless classics like “Jingle Bells” or “Frosty the Snowman?” What about the humorous classics “I’m Getting Nuttin’ For Christmas?” and “All I Want For Christmas Are My Two Front Teeth”?

When you take a moment to really try and take away the stress of modern day-to-day living, take away the cynicism of non-conformists, and take away the negativity of those who simply can’t stand to see others in celebration around them, you can feel the true meaning of “holiday spirit”. Remember – that’s the lesson that the Grinch learned after he tried to steal Christmas away from everyone in Whoville?

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

There’s so much variety in holiday music today that a music lover like me can have a favorite in almost every genre. When it comes to children’s holiday music, I really love the music from A Charlie Brown Christmas(TM). Perhaps those of you who enjoyed the cartoons of the 70s can remember the scene where Schroeder plays the piano and everyone is dancing happily around him. That was just so fun to watch – even as I grew up!

When it comes to religious holiday music, I really love “What Child Is This?” because it’s so endearing and mellowing. I love it sung acapella and I love it even when it’s played instrumentally. I can even play it on the piano!

Rock musicians have also created some pretty good holiday music or recorded timeless classics which they’ve adapted to their styles. My personal favorite holiday music from the rock music category would have to be the Band Aid tune “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” which was recorded as part of a huge fundraising effort by the musicians involved. That song always gives me goosebumps, reminding me that there are less fortunate people out there that need help. We – the more fortunate ones – should never forget that because life could’ve been the other way around and we could be the ones needing help.

There’s also a genre of music that has become very popular with the coming of the Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO for short). It’s called the rock opera. If you haven’t already heard them, you really should. So I’m posting a YouTube video of TSO performing my favorite TSO tune called “Christmas Eve Sarajevo”. The music totally rocks!

13 Reindeer That Didn’t Make The Cut

1. Farty… ‘Nuff said.

2. Rummy… 0h yeah, another reindeer with a red nose, but… kept stumbling off the roofs.

3. Bullseye… An unfortunate birthmark that just tempts fate when you fly over drunked up, nimrod rednecks in the dead of night.

4. Snowblind… Even corrective lenses didn’t help.

5. Snorty… Had a substance abuse problem. Only tried out because of promises of “all the snow you’ll ever want.”

6. Bob… “On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer and… Bob??? WTF?? Didn’t fly… neither did Bob.

7. Vito… Implicated in a scam that involved the sale of fake reindeer poop in the internet.

8. Pinky… Beautiful albino animal that had an impressive presence when hitched to lead the sleigh. Passed over because of a constant shivering problem.

9. Horny… Caught when his fake antlers fell off while humping Vixen. (Santa’s reindeer are all female you know…)

10. Trotsky… Sadly, blessed with a dicky digestive tract.

11. Sneezy… One of the seven dwarfs trying to pass. Rumored to have been lured by the extensive health insurace plan.

12. Bruce… Liked the whip… too much…

13. Buffy… Stunning blonde fur, but turned on her hooves and left saying, “Like… Ummm… Christmas is sooo yesterday… you know…”. Besides, Mrs. Claus was pissed at Santa’s spending way too much time in her stall giving her “flying” lessons.

Courtesy of Coffee Shop Bill

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Thursday Thirteen #21 – If I was a Penguin

13 Things I’d Want If I Was a Penguin

1. A sexy little hot penguin mama that damn near melts the ice everywhere she goes!! With just the right curve of her beak… and a sexy waddle.. Yeah baby!! Didn’t I see that strut on the catwalk in Paris last spring?? Here.. let me impress you with this pebble I brought you… (Sorry… fantasizing a little there….)

2. Scope mouthwash. Two words… fish breath. Morty.. from two nests over.. could knock you down from 20 paces.

3. In fact… I’m a little tired of mackerel. Gotta have a microwave and a year’s supply of pot pies. None of that Mrs. Paul’s or Gortons crap though. Man that stuff is heinous!! I don’t think a fish stick actually is food… is it??

4. An Ipod and some heavy duty Metallica… anything to drown out all this damn honking!

5. Sunglasses and a couple of pairs of jeans. The formal look gets old after a while.

6. Rubbers, galoshes, boots… whatever. Can’t take three steps around here. Jeez.. You think stepping in cat shit is bad.. Whoa daddy!! (Note to self… Check L.L.Bean catalog to see if they carry quadruple EEEE widths..)

7. A snowmobile. Schlepping it back and forth 50 miles to the ocean… Oy Vey!!

8. A good personal lubricant that doesn’t turn to sludge at 40 below.

9. A hot tub. Just the thing for those gale force windy days. You stand on an ice shelf all day. I don’t care what they say… MY FEET ARE COLD!!! Oh, and… umbrella drinks would be nice.

10. A lifetime supply of Purina Polar Bear Chow. That oughta keep the hairy buggers off my ass. And, a lifetime supply of Vaseline. I chafe… (blush)… probably from constantly having to elude the damn bears!

11. An electric guitar. Goes well with the sunglasses and.. hey… I like to lay down a few licks now and again.

12. Internet porn. I’m a penguin… I ain’t dead. (Holy Popsicle sticks… Look at the cloaca on that little rockhopper would ya’!!)

13. Finally… a condo in Boca for the golden years. Didn’t think I was gonna freeze my flippers off around here forever DID YOU?? That’s just… Sadistic…!!

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