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Hello to all!  This is an invitation to participate on my new blog.  The theme of my site is “That’s Just Wrong” and I know everyone has something to say on this subject, from the way someone was dressed to letting a  foreign company run one of  our nations ports. Yes, I saw this on Face The Nation this morning can you believe that we would even entertain the thought?  Thats just wrong!  I am not a democrate but I have to agree with Senator Barbara Boxer when she said that Americans should run American ports!  

Everyone has somthing to say, so post it here!  My site is new and  it is not as impressive as most, but my goal is to learn and create a nice blog.  Any tips, advice, or links are appreciated!

Have a great day!

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  1. whoever thought of this arrangement probably thinks it’s a good idea to hire foxes to guard the hen house!

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