USA Patriot Act

The patriot act became law. President Bush issued an executive order authorizing the use of military tribunals instead of regular civilian courts, eaves dropping on citizens and collecting info without going thru the proper channels.  There is a lot of talk going on about government listening.  How do you feel about it?  I believe something needs to be done to protect our great country, but is this constitutional?  Terrorists who commit crimes against America do not deserve any rights and I am not sure that they are entitled to any. I guess as American citizens if you have nothing to hide then you don’t have to worry about it?

2 thoughts on “USA Patriot Act

  1. The Supreme Court and voters who elect our lawmakers will make the final call on the patriot act. With the recent conservative additions to the Supreme Court and public concern over terrorist attacks, I have to think that individual rights to privacy will be sacrificed on the alter of public safety. 1984 finally got here; it just took a little longer than Orwell expected. From My own observations, the government would do well to spend extra listening hours on convienence markets and liquor stores.

  2. I thnk it’s pretty obvious that the Patriot Act invades the privacy of all American citizens and is most certainly an invasion of our 4th Amendment rights. But then, if the Chief Executive of this country, DUBYA, can eavesdrop of American citizens, clearly in violation of the wth amendment……how the hell can we expect that the Patriot Act is ever going to be changed by Congress. And, now that DUBYA has packed the Supreme Court with his religious conservatives, he has virutally done away with the concept of there branches of government. He controls the White House, and now the Supreme Court and Congress is controlled by his party.

    Whenever one party gains such control, abuses are going to take place.

    When you look at DUBYA on television…..doesn’t he kind of remind you of the kid playing the banjo in the movie DELIVERANCE?


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