13 Things About Pregnancy

Thirteen Things about Being Pregnant

Things I Like About Being Pregnant

1. Be able to use pregnancy as an excuse!

2. Sharing the excitement with all your other pregnant friends.

3. You have a reason to be “fat”.

4. Craving weird foods, but they are still so good!

5. I enjoy feeling my baby move and kick! And hearing his Heartbeat at the Dr.’s office.

6. All the CUTE baby clothes.

Things I Dislike About Being Pregnant

1.The cost of the “oh so cute” baby clothes.

2. The many sleepless nights.

3. Long waits in the doctor’s office.

4. Sickness all times of the day.

5. Random People rubbing on my belly.

6. People nagging me and telling me what I can and can’t eat.

7. The randomness of the mood swings.


16 thoughts on “13 Things About Pregnancy

  1. Oh I loved being pregnant – I am one of these people you love to hate – great pregnancies – easy births…….

    Hope all goes well for you

    I played too

  2. I loved the excitement of a new life and new addition to our family.

    I hated the looks I got. I look much younger than I am so little old ladies would look at me and shake their heads like it was a shame…expecially when I had my three year old with me. Ugh. NOYB people! LOL I

  3. I hated people rubbing my belly when I was preggers. Finally had a t-shirt made up that said, “Unless you got it like this, don’t touch my belly!”

    It worked so well, I had more made up in different colours. 🙂

  4. Yeah people touching your belly is kind of an envasion of personal space I think! But how to tell people “Hands off”!?!

    You must have a very popular dr; I remember blowing in & out of the office each time I was preg. The only time I was there longer than I’d like is when I had to take the gloucose (sp) test. *blech*

    Enjoy your pregnancy, some days it feels like you’re preg forever & other days ya blink & they are 10. *sniffle*

    Thanks for stopping by my TT. Have a great day! 🙂

  5. I enjoyed feeling the baby move when I was pregnant. I don’t recall anyone feeling my belly. Of course my youngest is almost 28 – so I could have forgotten! Thanks for visiting my TT.

  6. Random people rubbing your belly would really make me upset. I’m glad I have a heads up about this before I get pregnant. That way, I have time to come up with some remark. Maybe you should reach out and rub their hair.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT. Happy Thursday!

  7. I LOVE THIS LIST!!! I loved the pregnancy excuse so much that I seriously thought of faking a pregnancy so i could justify snacking in professional situations. On the other hand, I had no problem laying the smack down on the caffeine police. I knew how much I could have down to the milligram. Enjoy yourself! You get to be a total princess for nine months….

    PS: I still blame the mood swings on hormones (mine are 4 years and 1 next week)

  8. Makes me so glad I’m a man. I dont think…..I know I couldn’t take it!

    #6… I do what I want! LMAO


  9. I’m guilty of #5 and #6. Sorry.

    She’s just so cute and her belly is just starting to poke out…

    And yes, I do complain about her eating habits.. What can I say I worry about everyone in my family (I can be a little overbearing that way,ok I can be really annoying)

  10. The joy of a child without the expereince of being pregnant….step child. She is precious and I wouldn’t change a thing, but sometimes I get jealous I didn’t know her as a baby and see her grow up. Nonetheless, we have a great relationship. Congrats!

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