Wind Turbine Going Green!

I have been asked to blog about my new adventure in Green energy I am using kinetic power using a three phase wind turbine and rectifying the three phase electric to dc power and then controlling it to twelve volts and then running the power back into the meter to make it go backwards 😀

As I woke up this morning I heard what sounded like a lot of wind and a small airplane landing out side my window…LOL

I put the wind turbine we’ve been working on in the air last night when the wind was low. This morning it is spinning so fast you can’t see the blades! I don’t know what the voltage is yet I haven’t gotten dressed and gone to the shop to put a meter on it. But when it was on the ground on my test pole, at that speed it was averaging about 175 volts… Scary especially that close – but with it in the air I feel better not being so close.

Second thought! I need to get the long ladder out and add some guide wires to the “free standing pole”… right free standing, Ha! I had better get this done or it might take flight to the next farm over… hehehe

I took a couple photos so you all can see it and I will get a picture of it in the air (it was dark when it went up last night, not good for photos ) and post it but for now I have got to go up in the air and add the wires.. This is a great day for me I actually have my first windmill generator up and running! I am going green and I won’t have the high electric bill either! My second one is already in the works I hope to have it up soon 🙂

The almost ready to put in the air wind turbine - this is in the shop on a testing pole.

This is a close up of the PMA Generator I'm using for my Wind Turbine
This is the wind Turbine PMA motor bracket and Aluminum diamond plate tail - everyone keeps saying it looks like something from a Harley Shop LOL
I've use a couple pneumatics so I can turn turn on the compressed air, grab the tail and turn the blades out of the wind when I'm working on the turbine or when the winds are too high.
Closeup of the pneumatic system in testing stages

I hope this helps show you all that have asked me to blog about this 🙂

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