Somerset County Sherrif Department in Maryland Closed?

So I was on WBOC and I was reading that the Somerset Sheriff’s dept. due to the lack of funds is closed on the weekends… OK, so is this something that should not have been advertised I know I am doing the same but it has already been said so I thought I would comment on the situation.

Now the way I figure it is all the bad guys are out there saying “Well I guess I will just wait until they close and then rob or steal”… Now if you get into trouble and need help I guess you call the state boys!
We don’t have many to go around so it may take some response time for them to get there.

That’s just wrong we can spend money frivolously and waste it in so many places but it should not be in the protection of our local citizens. I don’t have the answer but I couldn’t believe my eyes as I read this. Sorry we’re closed see you Monday morning!

You can read the whole news story from our local news station here

I guess I just had to rant a bit