Live and Let Live – A review on the Muslim situation

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I read and hear everyday about the Muslim Mosque they want to build near the 911 impact zone. Some are so upset they are willing to vandalize and cause problems and it’s not just in New York it’s all over the country.

I heard someone say the other day “Let’s have a white people festival just like the black one they have every year… Boy would we get in trouble.” My first thought is it’s not like you are not invited to go to the African American festival, you decided not to. If you had a “white festival” it would be just fine, just don’t discriminate to those who wish to attend. So my point is all are welcome we just make a choice not to go so does that mean they can’t have their party?

Our country was founded on certain rights – we have violated these rights many times throughout the history of this country. Remember the Japanese during the war… Wow were we wrong in the way we acted on that one. How many lives did we ruin for the so called cause and for the safety of the USA.

Discrimination seemed to take a turn for a short time we seemed to get along ok. Then 911 happened. We seemed to all pull together with flags waving. I thought wow, look at the people white, black, all colors – we are all about our home, the USA together we stand!

It wasn’t just white people that died in 911, there were many from countries around the world this was not just an attack on America even though it was an attack on American soil it was an attack to show that the world needs to be scared of terrorism it was an oppression move on the terrorist part.

When they wrote the constitution they did not say in the First Amendment that freedom of speech is for just white christian people. So many people say that was so long ago they didn’t have all the answers back then so we need to amend the constitution. Wrong. It was written plain and simple for the people to understand and why is it so hard for people to understand that we all are equal and have the same rights.

As an example I really don’t like cigarettes when I go out to eat I like it smoke free. The states around me passed laws saying you can’t smoke in a restaurant I like it but it is wrong you can’t take away a restaurant owners rights to say it’s ok to smoke here. I say if you don’t like it don’t eat there. Freedom of choice right?

So what does this have to do with the Muslim people and building their mosque? Ask yourself did the little kids we are teaching the constitution to in school do we need to tell the Muslim kids oh by the way this does not apply to you? you don’t have the same rights as others?

You know when they held the NRA convention in columbine one month after the shooting did I think that was right. No did I think they had the right to have it yes. Should they take away my second amendment right because of this shooting and the crime in this country NO. We can’t pick and choose who get rights and who doesn’t that’s just wrong…

There is enough problems around this world of ours and we have a country founded on principles that are second to none so why is it that we can’t show the rest of our neighbors on this Earth that we are good people and give an example to those around us that it good to be like us. We should be the example not the one who is looked at as the hypocrite and lire. If we can’t do it here at home how do we expect people in other countries to understand what we are saying and believe us? As I always say I don’t have all the answers but I know in my heart we as a people can do better then this, I am disappointed that we all can’t find it in our hearts to get along, lend a hand and not discriminate to the people we call neighbors.

For all of you that read this and say OMG this guy is way off… That’s your choice but let me tell you one simple fact of life you cannot change. More people have been killed in the name of Christianity.

If Jesus were here he would be so disappointed in most of you. Do you read and understand what he said? Do you really think he would agree with all of you that preach his gospel… Most of you take one line out of the Bible and take out of context and use it for your own agenda, I know that hurt. Sorry but Jesus went into the church tuned over the tables and called them liars and Pharisees. Is this the way you want to live your life? It also says no man should come between another man and his God. Not me I will live a different life I say live and let live. They are Americans just like me – am I next will it come out that I have no rights because of my beliefs. If it is anger that drives you then you will live an unhappy life.

It’s all about Peace