Today – What is so special? Barac Obama!!!

Today is an important day to me in different ways but it also reminds me that this day two years ago we inaugurated our President Barac Obama. As we have moved forward in the delema of our countries state have we moved in the right direction?

Has there been hope and change for everyone?

I was reading yesterday that the housing market is going to drop another ten percent this year. I don’t know about you, but that’s a chunk of money in my book. There are still so many unemployed, I see so many people stuggling just to make ends-meet. I sure wouldn’t want to be raising kids in this time and day… Trying to juggle work, money, credit cards, worrying about job lay offs.

I don’t know how you feel but I don’t see a big change for the better – if there is can someone please point it out to me.

I have been traveling in a third world country for a couple months and what I see is the ripple effect from our economy to the others we visit. So we have not only trashed our own country’s economy but it has effected others as well. It hasn’t seemed to effect the rich but it has, we all have suffered but some have saved for this economy for years knowing the boom wouldn’t last.

So as today is so special I would really like to hear from all of you about what you think about our current situation and what you think should be done! How is the Hope and change working out for you?

Please leave your comments below, Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Today – What is so special? Barac Obama!!!

  1. I try not to get into serious political discussions but I did want to say that we really need to be more cautious about who we elect, not just for President but for local government positions as well. We need honest government officials – by honest, I mean someone who can admit what is wrong and not make promises he/she knows are impossible to meet. We all must realize that we can’t solve our nation’s problems or economic issues without everyone working together as a whole. Just as a marriage takes both parties to work hard, give and take, cooperate to make the relationship work, we can’t expect just the people at the White House to solve everything for our country.

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