Super Moon, Earthquakes, Dead Animals?

So here we are coming to the end of the Mayan calender – it’s the next Y2K scare in my book but who am I to say!?! I have read so many blogs that are saying, “Are you ready for the end?” or telling us all about what is going to happen. The mysterious dead fish and birds around the world.

Well I think nothing is going to happen… I will still get up drink my coffee and off to work I will go.

Whenever we have a lot of horrible natural disasters close together everyone says this is is the end is near… I have heard this so many times in my life and I am sure when my kids are old they will say the same thing, well as long as we as humans don’t blow the world to pieces or accidentally nuke the place I think we are going to be just fine.

I can say however the direction and the thinking of the people seems to be a bit off. You can take that statement in any direction you want to go so let’s start with the environment that has been put on hold – remember the oil disaster? It has seemed to just fall to the wayside, I don’t seem to hear as much about it any more. I still think if we used big windmills instead of having oil platforms in the Gulf this whole mess would not have happened.

The disaster I see unfolding is the crisis in Libya and all the countries at unrest… rebels trying to take over countries but I don’t hear of a plan or who the new governments will be. I am sure the people of these countries are hoping for the best and that is why they are all joining in and wanting change but without knowing what the change will be, Democracy, New Dictator, Maybe a democracy will be it but what if they elect the wrong group and it becomes an unruly government. A government that has bad intentions. Do I think the US needs to be involved in another war in this area of the world in my opinion No. But a a simple citizen I guess I don’t have much to say in the matter. It’s a shame that we just can’t have peace in the region.

Some say the SuperMoon had something to do with the Earthquakes that we have had and that the changing of our environment is due to this end of the world planet alignment thing happening. I myself think that this part of the world is still evolving and is just a very active part of our earth. I was reading here about 2012 and the end, take a look you might enjoy it. I just think the place in the Pacific called the ring of fire has just been over built on and places they know they shouldn’t build on they have gone ahead and done it anyway. Some of the remote regions people live there because it is paradise and fertile land but it’s still in the ring of fire and will continue to have disaster after disaster. Try Googling the Pacific Ring of Fire, it’s some very interesting reading.

I hope the rest of the world will take a look at the horrible disaster that has occurred in Japan and all the nuclear plants are revisited for safety and maybe, just maybe, we can learn that if an area no matter how nice it look or the weather is so perfect that we don’t build such dangerous buildings and power plants there.