Ah Yes, it’s Thursday… and I have yet to write my Thursday thirteen. I was busy last week so I wanted to make sure I was in this week, but I’ve never had so much trouble figuring out what thirteen things I want to write about. I thing I’ll do…

Gee this is hard. I want to write…. Hmm I just going to be generic today.


#1. My computer

#2 Wireless mouse and keyboard.. I love typing away from the screen. Using the keyboard on the laptop requires me to be too close to the screen for comfort and the touchpad, wile easy for on the go stuff, is necessary for Blogging

#3 Coffee. Yes, I’m at the coffee shop and I drink super dark Sumatra coffee while I blog. What better way to stay up and concentrate?

#4 Pen and paper.. for when the computer isn’t enough.

#5 Lamp… no shade but the lamp is nice. And with my energy efficient bulb… almost an art statement! LMAO!!

#6. Wolfbernz Car Junk… 1 tractor pin, 1 box wrench, a chisel, a monster wall anchor, misc. emergency medical stuff including anti-itch cream?, an empty plastic bag, Winchester rifle instructions… OMG! NEED I SAY MORE?!?

#7. Small stack of bills… electric, phone- the usual stuff

#8. My efficient black cordless Phone. To answer all the darn people calling about our things for sale. Hey there’s a post for next week…and the next… and the next…

#9. Two pairs of earrings, just in case I need a different pair to go to dinner in

#10. Lip smackers Skittles flavored. A necessity this time of year

#11. 3 John Deere riding lawnmower belt containers (empty of course) we need new belts and can go to the tractor place and say I need 3 more of these

#12. Books of all kinds and then some. After all this is a BOOKS and Coffee store…

#13. One pen and pencil holder… with everything BUT pens and pencils in it.


4 thoughts on “Thirteen…

  1. sometimes it’s hard to think of a tt… I had a big break which helped but I still nearly didn’t bother this week. This is good though – you have a real assortment on your desk. Happy belated TT. (p.s. loved the vids)

  2. It’s good to know that other people have pen/pencil holders that actually serve as non-pen/pencil holders. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one!

  3. What, no pictures frames? You’re desk sounds as eclecticly decorated as mine. :o) I have a clock pencil holder. The clock doesn’t work. LOL!

    Thanks for visiting my TT. Oh, I have to tell you that one of my daughters is named Katrina. We also call her Trina. :o) On my blogs I call her Still Waters.

    Hope you have a blessed Thursday!

  4. It seems that we have matching lamps. Now every time I look at it I am going to smile and think of you. I really do need a shade because I have broken two light bulbs knocking the darn thing over. But now that you are classifying it as art there is no way I am putting a shade on it. Thanks for the list. Happy TT.

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