Ok The fight begins

There has been alot of talk regarding the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill and the process the government has used in approving this development of an unwanted pulp mill in an a prestine area of Tasmania Australia go to 

http://aussiecynic.com/?p=209 to read more.

However Thursday Evening at 9.30 AEST there will be a debate regarding this issue bring together 4 experts on this subject to discuss, debate and thereby inform the rest of Australia and the world of the facts.

It will be available via Podcast, video download etc to those interested in environmental issues, global warming dioxine poluution, marine environment, sensitive ecosystems and generally any person with an interest in saving this planet from climate change…
Please go to

to view the broadcast lodge your opinion and give us a voice to stop this horror being falsed upon us …..

because we do not want it…
and the government is not listening