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I know I have been writing a lot about BlogDumps lately but there has just been so much going on over there! I have gone full time internet now… Why didn’t anybody tell me this come with lots of email?!?

The new BlogDumps Instant Messenger is working great! Not only can you send text, audio and of course video chat, you can now send all types of files between you and your friends around the world. A big thanks to the BlogDumps programming department for all their hard work.

The biggest thing of the week is that on BlogDumps Video we have the WebCam upload… Yes that’s right you can now upload and video all you want to right from your computer just use the quick capture feature and it will turn on your webcam and you can upload your very own video blog post. If you laugh at mine your computer will self destruct in 6 seconds…LOL

Join in the fun B-Tubed on BlogDumps Video
I am not a video blogger but Mines up give it a try you will find it is quite fun!
This one is called the BlogDumps Final Webcam Test:

I would like to add some credits to this post also first I would like to thank they have been the best! They are the ones who created the initial BlogDumps Video script, all the difficult programming you don’t see as you use the BlogDumps Video, as my server techs say that fancy java script player… LOL well we wouldn’t want it any other way than fancy right?

Agriya is one of the few companies the will be there for you long after you pay them, they have been with me every step of the way. They have given, in my book, 110% to make BlogDumps video what it is today.

Second I would like to thank the people of National Net hosting the guys that run our servers, yes we are on our own servers and they are the best! They answer the phone in two rings or less and are there to help make it all happen – they are on round the clock making sure we are running smooth. Since I have been with them I can sleep better at night knowing they are on top of things and I don’t have to worry. If you are looking for a company that can supply you with your own servers with all new equipment not old junk, with service second to none, then National Net is for you.

Have a great week
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