Technorati Changed and Flagged Wrongblog? Now it’s Gone?

This post was started some time ago and I have been following the changes that have taken place.
I am going to try to compile all of what I have been writing as time has gone by and give it a good try to understand what’s going on…


I really have found that since I started this post around six months ago Technorati has changed considerably one more time. One of my sites had a nice Technorati rank and I was in the top 5000 sites but now it has an authority of 1, that’s right 1 how is that possible to go from a super high rank to 1. I also noticed they have changed my other blogs that had no rank and shouldn’t have to a better rank?

I wonder if this site is even useful in the blogosphere any more… When I started blogging it was all the rave but now it look as though they have sold out their own style, as many sites have, to keep up with the new trends… Twiiterati? You are kidding, right? And what’s with dig all over the site? I guessed they partnered up or something, they are on every page.

Since Technorati has changed to their new look etc… I have no profile photo either, so I am assuming they have lost data in the transition to what ever it is they have become.

I quit tagging my post here on WrongBlog some time ago and I have found an increase of traffic so is it necessary to have their script on your blog slowing loading time? I don’t even see where you get any of the tags info or script pieces to add to your blog so I am removing all mine – it is not useful…

What happened to all my Technorati friends? Now they have a follow this blog, sounds like um you know Twitter!? But I would have to start all over again… 🙁 All the time we spent getting friends were did they go?

I also checked out my dashboard not much there anymore. I went to update my blog info but not to any surprise I have no Bio- all my blogs have no Tags, and no categories so my user profile has been wiped clean… I took a look at some fellow bloggers and they have no avatar or photo either!

Now you are wondering why is Wolfbernz checking out Technorati? I was off to favorite a fellow blogger that had requested to be favorited on Technorati and I noticed WrongBlog is not listed so I thought this was just another Technorati screw up, so I did a “claim your blog” and found WrongBlog had been Flagged!

I am not sure but I think we have more readers now than when we were first indexed by Technorati. Also I noticed that WrongBlog now shows up first in search results, not see what people are saying on Technorati about WrongBlog, in fact the readers and traffic have doubled!? Go figure…

I don’t know why WrongBlog was flagged by Technorati? I didn’t receive an email or any type of notification.
I can say that WrongBlog has been on the web for four years. During this time on the web WrongBlog has not been an blog aggregater or a spam blog.

WrongBlog has been the open blog project allowing many bloggers, and people who would like to blog, the ability to do so without having to create one or or purchase hosting for a blog somewhere. WrongBlog has 528 registered Contributors last time I looked and it is growing daily.

I looked at the guidelines for a blog that has been flagged and we here at WrongBlog cannot find where we have violated their terms of use. I sent them an email a months or so ago, but as most of you that have been around for some time have come to find out- Technorati’s support team is something to be desired. At one point there were two WrongBlogs but were the same site on Technorati and we wrote them many times and never really got it resolved.

Then I got to thinking about the whole Technorati thing – they are telling you to syndicate your blog use their RSS feed grabber and get noticed and so on and so on… Then I started doing some Google searches for some of my fellow bloggers and to my surprise in some cases I found ( example “See what people are saying about Wrongblog on Technorati” ) and they were number one, two or three in the listings on Google! So lets get this straight one of their terms are not to use duplicate content as a way to increase your blog traffic. Like using an others posts and they have it on their site also. Now that’s the pot calling the kettle black as that is just what Technorati does they take your post and content add it to their site and distribute it with their name first and a link to Technorai, I am confused here?

As I have grown as a blogger I have found that a lot of advertisers go by Alexa and Technorati ranking. Hmmm, interesting I have read a few posts from fellow blogger that make 100 comments a day and this leaves a link to there blog thus increasing the blogs that link to theirs and in turn increasing the rank of their blog!? So is this a real way of judging a site?

Alexa on the other hand has announced sometime ago that they will use more then just there own stats to judge a blogs rank etc… I think that is a good thing to evolve with the net as it grows but not to just change without your users in mind. Like where are my friends and where do all the little “add this to my Technorati favs” take you now that they are on everyone’s blog? I don’t think it is fair to those of us that have been loyal to Technorati all these years to do this. Oh well, I guess there is no need for the use of Technorati tags in blog posts – they don’t offer this anymore. I guess they just grab what they want sort of like an aggrigater anyway so why bother with a profile ect. With Twitter and the traffic it generates I don’t see the need.

I guess I am disappointed in Technorati I understand trying to keep up but without the users info and profile photos and not taking into account all of us trying to get Technorati favs and all those little buttons we all put on our blogs and for what to just be discounted I would not do this to my sites members.

PS. I guess after this they will ban me forever, oh that’s right I am already gone that’s just Wrong!… Dude wheres my photo? I guess I am off to twitter… Sweeeet!

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