My laptop computer

I bought  my laptop from dell about a year ago.I have had some minor problems and dell fixed it. But here recently the computor became unusable.  Dell tried to help over the phone and then decided it needed to be sent in.It was sent to the repair center twice and they finally agreed it was hopeless, they decided to replace it and thats great, but one should not have to be on the phone going through menus, different departments for as many hours that I had to spend in order to get my computor problem corrected. Thats wrong, however the briteside is I am getting a new one, finally.

One thought on “My laptop computer

  1. Dell makes great computers and they are a good company AS LONG AS YOU DON’T EVER HAVE TO CALL THEM FOR SERVICE. Nothing more frustrating then trying to speak to someone in India or Pakistan that you can barely understand.

    If Dell doesn’t wise up soon about job outsourcing they are going to start losing their market share. Every survey I’ve ever read shows that their customers rate their service a low to medium.


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