High School Age Limit

My Daughter wanted to go to a guy friends house from high school. when I asked her who he was and where he lived and how old he was she replied “He’s twenty years old.” HUH? “Twenty” I asked. She is fifteen and I said NO, of course. But what I can’t believe is that a twenty year old is still in high school, public high school no less!

What is the age limit on students in high school? I couldn’t find anything on the U.S. Department of Education on this subject. Does anyone know?

I can see if someone is slow or mentally retarded there might be an exception. If the student has had discipline problems when he or she turns eighteen is it time to go? I had no idea that if you don’t graduate by eighteen or nineteen in some cases you just keep going. When is it that someone is to old for high school, Twenty, Twenty-five?

If you have a comment or any info on this subject let me know.


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  1. Thanks for dropping in on us πŸ™‚
    I am glad to see you have a good outlook, I wish you the best!
    As you said once in college age is not relevant anymore.
    This has been such a long thread for some time now I have started working on a domain just for this subject, HighSchoolAgeLimit.com
    I hope to have a forum up soon so everyone can participate ask questions and get answers etc…

    All the best

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  3. You Should go… Right now it doesn’t seem like it is important but this is the foundation for the rest of your life.
    If you do not go you will miss out on all the cool things that we do as teenagers you will be disappointed later in life.
    This is one of the most important dicissions of your life please make the right choice… work hard show everyone who you are and how great you can be. We all have it in us to be whatever we want to be but you must first lay the foundation for your life in order to build upon yourself to show just how great you are.


  4. hey, so i failed the sixth grade, and im now eighteen and a sophmore this sememster and a jounior next sememster. i need sixteen more credits to pass highschool. im thinking of dropping out, being teased everyday for this is annoying and it hurts ive lost alot of self confidence because of it, also ive always tried to be the popular girl so i did things for attention and got the wrong attention nowi eat luinch in the bathroom and walk alone in the halls. highschool has become a miserible place for me to be. i want to get me GED then attend a tech collage for two years and transfer over to a real collage. is this a mistake? i dont know what to do.

  5. Hi Paige,
    I am always one to be on the positive side of things in life you only need sixteen more credits and you are finished…YEA πŸ™‚
    Don’t let other people bother you or intimidate you.
    You are a good person and you want to succeed or you would not have stopped by my blog looking for some one to talk to.
    Hang in there it’s just a short piece of life and then everything will change and school will be finished and you can make new friends go to the tech school you want to attend.
    As far as the teasing… If I tried to give you a present and you don’t accept it who does this belong to, remember if you do not accept what they try to say or do to you to make you feel bad it makes them miserable and not you! Hold your head up high and do your thing and get out of there and do it with class and do Not pay attention to these people. I know sometimes it is hard to but if you can talk to your parents give it a try I am sure they will be glad you did and they will support you all the way. I am always around here somewhere so drop in and let me know how you are doing.

    All the best

  6. Hi, Im a 23 year old female I dropped out in the 8th grade. Because I really didn’t feel good about myself. I was always stress,tried,angry,fighting, I felt like this life was not meant for me to live in! almost like I was a mistake to my mothere,grandmother,father he was not there for me. I would always look at the other children and say why. I wanted so badly their life,mind,family just to feel loved by someone. Here I am 23 with two children I wish life wasn’t so hard for me back when I was in school, I failed twice in elementary school after that life started to look up for me and in a instant, I was back feeling worthless again. At 23 years of age I want an education more than anything in the world. I have my children to look out for! So if anyone have any advice for me please comment on this blog please…………… THANK YOU!

  7. You do not need to feel worthless look what you have been given πŸ™‚ Two beautiful children that need your love and attention and since you have gone through all of what you did as a child use that to make your children’s the best ever. Don’t let them feel the way you felt. You need to stand strong and be there, the mere fact that you are here on my blog looking for answers shows that you are trying to do your best. It also show that you are a good person and you want the best for your family.
    There are so many ways to get an education now days… First find out where and how you can study and get a GED then Read read read.
    pass the GED test and get a diploma then you can move on to a college and get a degree in whatever you want to.
    We are very lucky to live in the land of opportunity nothing is impossible! I know a man that didn’t do well in school at all he was terrible long story short… he was three times the states attorney and has a giant law practice. He did this because he realized it was time in his life to take control and do something about his life and what was best for his family. You can do it, have a small portion of Faith you already started the process by seeking advice from someone now just believe in yourself and do it πŸ™‚ I have faith in you, never ever feel worthless you have two children and you are full of love for them or you wouldn’t be here.

    I wish you the best, I am always around… Sometimes I am a little slow in responding but I will be here!


  8. I think it’s horrible that adults who dropped out of high school can’t return and try to get their GED. Yes, I think there should be an enrollment fee, but I’m twenty-two and I want another chance at life! I mean I think there are those out there who realize their mistake in dropping out and who want to have another chance at getting their diploma. So what I think is that our new president could open a high school (an actual high school) for adults only. That way worried parents won’t freak out by an adult attending high school, because 1) No teens will be there. I mean that was the worst regret of my life. My family thought that I would make it since everyone else totally dropped out. And I want a chance to go back and prove myself, not only to them… but to myself as well.

  9. An Adult High School… Awesome idea πŸ™‚ So many parents are worried about there teens and this would keep those parents at ease.
    I wish there was a way to fix all this, I never dreamed that when I posted this there were so many in this situation.
    There are ways to take classes and get a GED… Look around your community and you will find them.
    There is always a way to make your life better and a way to follow your dreams and make them a reality πŸ™‚
    Have faith, you can do it!

    I wish you the best,


  10. I was always the best in my class until one day i developed an uncurable disease which stopped me from going to school.Then I got well enough to go back to school I was 18 at the time and I felt a little weird at first but then I realized that I was givena second chance I finished at twenty.I am twenty one now I am in University pursuing my Bcahelor in Eduacation.now everyone in my class are older than me and I am doing well.No matter what never give up.Follow your dreams
    Having an adult high school would be an awesome idea,there are so many people who dropped out for different reasons and would love a second chance.

  11. Thanks for stopping by and sharing this with us πŸ™‚ I am glad to here a success story!


    PS. The forum I started has been taken down. The spammers have found it and it is too much trouble!

  12. i jus dropd out of school and not living wit parents anymore for some personal family problems i graduate june 23 2010 and i am above credits if i continue school i will ahve 290 credits but i only need 230 the onlY bad part is i need to take economics english and art to recieve my high school diploma. But i cnat enroll myself in and out of school until im 18!!! is that to late to get my high school diploma in california. Basically im asking can i still enroll in to a high school program to take those classes and receive my diploma after i turn 18.??? I rlyl need help i been doing alot of research but i would rlly appriciate the help Thank yu.

  13. Hi -Edith,

    I cannot tell you the answer.
    I would go to the board of education or high school counselor and find out what you can do.
    Make sure you get your diploma… you are to close to stop now!


  14. I never said I had all the answers πŸ™‚
    I was just explaining it’s not nice to call names to Ryan early in the comments!
    There are so many kids that need help, I am glad I posted this… I had no idea… I was to stupid to know…LOL


  15. I became home schooled through some sort of sucky computer program back in 2004, got through all but 12th grade. My tutors couldn’t stay for more then one year except the last one. She ended up getting fired/left the last 2 months of the year cause she didn’t agree with the responsibility the school. In a miracle she today called my mother that she is now the principle of a school and is working on getting me to get a diploma. I have been depressed lately do to family issues as my dad gambled all his money away and has been stressed out the past few years, both my parents turned into alcoholics. Unfortunately when I told my sister about this good news she gave me the ‘reality check’ of the age issue since I turn 21 in December. I really need an answer to this as I feel like this is my final chance.

  16. Morph, Don’t let life get you down, seriously this is just a bump in the road and is not the end of the world for you.
    Keep after the teacher and do everything she tells you to do to get the diploma.
    If you do not get it you can always get a GED and then go to college so it’s going to be ok πŸ™‚
    You have control of your destiny just have faith and you can do it. Unfortunately our parents can flake out and are not much help at times so you will have to be strong and do for yourself, so be strong and take care of business and control of your life believe in yourself and know in your heart you can do this.

    I am always around so if you need to talk just contact me here and I will be there for you, I am a good listener πŸ™‚

    All the best

  17. I resent the fact that you want to just discard anyone who hasn’t finished highschool by 18.

    If anything, you should show support that young adults are in highschool instead of dropping out or not going back (all depending on why they’re in highschool at a later age).

    I, personally, am turning 18 this year and plan to start highschool aswell. Personal reasons for as to why I haven’t gone up until now, but is it really so wrong that I want to finish my education?

  18. Hi Iam 18 years of age and i am a sophomore with 8.5 credits
    i ditch school so many times its not funny its been a month since i’ve been to school, and i need a way out i dont wan2 graduate when im 20 or 21
    i dont know what to do,

    on that note there is no alternative schools here in my district
    no ways to earn my credits faster and i live in TX so that means id have to pass the exit level TAKS tests in order to graduate

    one more thing my assistant principal talked to me about withdrawing me from school and said my best bet is a GED, but i always hear bad things about the ged that it is lower pay and i just wont feel that sense of accomplishment if i get the ged,, so someone please help,

  19. hi my name is john im 17 turning 18 in 3 days what should i do return to school or get a GED i droped out in 9th grade , i have my own car and everything should i get a job and get a ged or should i just get full time tho i dont know how it can work i want to work and be able to go to school to get the high school diploma but is it posible?

  20. Well if you dropped out in ninth grade you would have four years to go to get your diploma.
    I guess if you don’t mind being an older student then go for it πŸ™‚
    It appears to me you needed some good advice when you were younger, so any of you that are younger and reading this thread listen to what the older kids are saying here!
    At this point if it were me I would go for the GED and go to college and get some sort of degree that would better my life, but that’s me, you need to make your own decisions. I wish you the best πŸ˜€


  21. Getting a GED shows you at least want to better yourself, it’s way better than being a drop out!
    If you need a way out, as you say, it sounds to me that you are having more issues than just school… If so you need to address these issues and put them in perspective in your life, seek treatment or help πŸ™‚ Sometimes it is hard to ask for help but as you have demonstrated here you can do it.
    As I said earlier in this thread you can get a GED and go to college, why not? What do you have to do in your life at your age that is more important then taking care of #1 – Yourself? Please all of you do not give up!

    If you all only knew what I went through as a kid and how easy I could have used my situation as an excuse… Now I am a proud father, self employed and I live on a thirteen acre horse farm. I was never given anything, I worked for all of it. I put myself first and did what I needed to do to survive and make the best life I could make for myself and then my family. Don’t tell me it can’t be done… If I can do it so can you πŸ˜€


  22. HI
    No, it is not wrong for you to want to finish high school, I think it is great πŸ™‚
    When this post was written years ago I was questioning my young daughter going out with a 20 year old.
    It was not to disregard young adults trying to get an education.
    This has become quite the topic around here!
    I hope all of you continue to seek an education in one fashion or another and you find a great way to achieve the goals that you have in your lives.

    All the best

  23. im 19 and i dropped out of 9th grade, it was the worst mistake of my life, now im pursuing going back, but yes i agree with you wolfbernz that if i had a child im not sure if i would want her hanging with an older guy out of school…and i have girl friends that are 15 and 16, hell i would even consider dating a 16 year old, its just i think you should meet with the boy and get his story. personally i think 3 or 4 years is okay and alot of married couples are even 10-25 years apart but unfortunately i also understand that at that age its hard to trust in your kids and that you can never tell a pedophile from a normal person. but a 15 year old could have raped your daughter as well..sorry, the point im was getting to was that i think it should be ok when your still fairly young, maybe 25 and under. if you havent realized you made a mistake at that point then you probably never will. if i get to go back ill be 23 when i graduate, but i want that diploma so bad, and its something that i have to do. Samantha

  24. DONT be stupid…i dropped out in the middle of my sophmore year everything seemed great then i did not have to go to school which seemed to be the ebst thing at the time i was a social outcast in school i had very few friends and everyone else had something crappy to say about me..the peer pressure got to me and i decided one day i didnt want to go anymore…looking back now at 22 i am struggling to find employment everyone wants a high school diploma ged’s wont get you anywhere if i was given a chance to go back to high school now i’d gladly give everything to go back to high school without hesitation…if you drop out now it will be THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE!hell i’d even go back without friends…The kids at school are not the big picture…ya they may suck just ignore them…its high school and is very well known for being over dramatic years..your body is changing and it seems like life just sucks…but realy it doesnt high school is like playing a video game as compared to the real world…online schools make all these promises about accredidation but when it realy comes down 2 it i’ve been 2 3 different online high schools to get my ‘diploma’ and anytime i move to a new state they want a new diploma becouse the old ones are no good in that area….this is a LIFE LONG decision you are talking about making and it WILL haunt you for life…i know i sound like your parents…the parents that realy care suck the most in your teenaged years..the cool parents usualy dont care about your future as much and would rather be your buddies….they are realy the worst parents…i agree 1000% with your dad.you may think oo well thats just you no its not it anyone who has dropped out since the mid 90’s yes back in the 50’s,60’s,70’s ya you could make it somewhere as a dropout…but with the way this country is going you can no longer do this you will end up being a bust boy or something for the rest of your life and never be able to support a family…unless you go into prostitution or work 3 jobs…3 jobs ya doesnt sound to bad now but think about this to retire from these 3 jobs you will have put in 800000 hours and you will not even make it as far as someone who graduated and is only working 1 full time job.so take your pick 800,000 hours later working shitty jobs which chances are you hate your boss and dont even want to wake up in the morning to go to work or another 3500 hours now and a great start on life…government grants to back you for schooling….cheaper insurance if you keep your grades up..school affects your aviability to get credit to go to school which also affects your employability rate and in most cases the max you can make working your job..i would gladly give up all the sex parties and temp fun that i had during those years i shoulda been in high school.Now most of the people i used to hang out with dont have time becouse they are working 2 and even 3 jobs trying to support themselves..is that what you want skip 3500 hours now and pay for the rest of your still young life….i realy dont think you comprehend the severity of a decision like this and you should do some research into the affects of not having a hsd irl…forget your buddies who are 17 18 and 19 and 20 who dropped out the affects havent realy hit yet and when they do it makes alot of people suicidal..i honestly believe everyone should be FORCED to finish high school with how todays world is..and any good parent will kick your ass on the curb if you drop out to show you what life is realy like before its to late and you cant go back anymore.if my son now 2 EVER tells me he wants to drop out of school i will lite his ass up and make him get a 2 jobs and get his own place for awhile to see what life is realy like.in hopes he will see the error of his ways.and i will go to each of those employers and tell them he is a high school dropout and to show him what the real world is like without a diploma..

  25. Hi Samantha
    You make a good point about the age difference. At the time I was very concerned with this but the more educated I become about young people that have dropped out or have been held back the more I understand πŸ™‚ I am glad I wrote this post.

    All the best

  26. Hi Allen
    PLEASE, PLEASE listen to Allen he has spelled it out for you. Don’t drop out… Stick it out and make it happen it is only four years. It seems forever but it is not, it’s over before you know it and then you are in the real world. You have the rest of your life to join the real world and work. I hope you all listen… Please

  27. Hey, Im 18 and at the end of my senior year in high school, graduation is next week and I am short on credits and will not graduate, is there any way to make up credits during the summer and get my diploma? for no extra cost would be nice but I know that it will probably cost some money, I just don’t know of any programs to make up credits, state of Michigan by the way.

  28. I am 27 years old and have horrible learning disabilities with math and focusing. I was in LRC as a child and sadly dropped out of school at 11th grade because of the cruel remarks from peers and the struggle to keep up day to day. I am now married with children and the worst thing I could have ever done was drop out of school. I sit by myself every other night and read, study, and just simply wonder if I have what it takes to get a GED so I can have a better job. When I had finally decided to take the practice GED test I was in shock. The math is much harder then what I was ever taught in school. Remember that I was in LRC in high school. A 1st grader could take a class and pass. I really need help. The GED test is beyond what I was taught. Do I have any business going through with this? Why cant they just build a building for people like me and give us the chance to learn and become what we need to be? Why cant we get the chance to get a diploma instead of a ged? As children we drop out not knowing the effect that this would bring because we are children. “We donnot know any better”. Not to throw rage into the picture but I’m beyond lost. I want this more then anything. It just seems that it’s simply impossible for people like me.

  29. Hi Kelly
    I guess it is time to figure out what you are good at and take a trade school course and get certified in something you like to do. Hands on training.
    For example… I am also a contractor this is something I can do even if I didn’t graduate or go to college. I also do landscaping and build houses.
    In my spare time I build web sites ( I didn’t go to school for this either I just wanted to figure it out)… And I am not the smartest guy in town! So there has to be something you are passionate about. If you find this and you are passionate about what you do, the money will follow. I have lived my life this way ever since I left school and I have never had a real job working for someone else. I know you want better or you would not have posted your comment so the way I see it is this is the first step to following the path you will find in your search… I know you can do it – I will be cheering for you:)

    All the best
    PS Math Sucks… I know I shouldn’t say that, but heck – it’s out there, I said it!

  30. k im turning 21 i drop out school cause i skip skool alot, and now i wana get back and finidh thngs up and i only need 3 credits.

  31. Hi
    I would say get with the school and see if you can finish up this summer in summer school, three credits isn’t that bad.
    If you really want it, do it and quit skipping. Getting a diploma or not will follow you for the rest of your life, the decision is yours to make!
    You should really try to get this completed, from your comment it sounds like you would be much happier when you get a diploma.

    Let us know how you make out

  32. im 20 years old im having a hard time with my life as is i have one more year to go and mow im stuck i have no parental signatures to get in and im born on 03-17-1990 i have no job due to the economical value of a hsd “high school diploma” and mow im trying to finish my year in ohio SHS Sandusky public high school and yes school sucks but im reeping those benifets im wanting to turn it around b4 its to late can i get some “intel” information over here?

  33. Hi Zackary
    Sorry to hear you are having trouble in your life, but as I have always said we create our own destiny. By you seeking out help and trying to better yourself you have chosen a path that is positive so I believe you will do just fine. Stick it out you are almost finished… Do whatever it takes, it is in your best interest as you have seen in the work field due to the economy. I am always around and here to listen so feel free to vent or just talk.

    All the best

  34. I think it really depends on the situation. My stepsister got kicked out of alternative school 2 weeks before her 18th birthday for poor attendance. She was perfectly bright, but behaviorally a nightmare(untreated bipolar disorder, plus her mom’s a bipolar alcoholic, plus she was addicted to drugs). With parental encouragement(her dad paid for the test) she got a GED at 18. She’s had pretty much the same job options as she’d have with a regular diploma, and more importantly the work world has helped her mature in ways that high school never did. She’s also able to get away from the drugs that were rampant in school, and learned some personal responsibility. I can’t imagine her benefitting from still being in school at age 21. More importantly, I can’t imagine anyone WANTING her to be in some school selling hard drugs to 14 year olds(which she was doing at ages 15-17, though they never caught her). Every situation is different. In her case leaving school helped her get off of drugs, not to mention that she was a huge distraction to other students. I think though that 19+ year olds(unless someone’s just barely 19 and about to graduate) should go to adult ed programs to avoid bringing some of their issues to younger students.

  35. Also, I think 19+ year olds would have more in common and probably be more accepted by other adult ed learners than by children years younger than them.

  36. I read all the above comments and still don’t find a definitive answer. A lot of people say they did attend High School when they were 20 and even graduated at 21, some said they had to drop out because of age. So, where do we stand?

    I have a cousin who will be moving from Romania. She just started 10th grade this summer and is 17. That means, when she moves to US in the middle of year, she will have to get back in sophmore year year here, while she is 17. Does that mean she will have to rush finishing the high school? Also, will she be able to start in sophomore – and be able to transfer her freshman year from her country, similar to how we transfer credits in college?

  37. We really don’t know I have been posting on this thread for years and never has anyone from any sort of school board commented.
    I created a forum at one point and it didn’t seem to get anywhere. The forum became just more work to fight spammer etc… I wish someone who has some kind of authority on this subject would take the time to give us some answers. If you know anyone tell them about this blog post!

  38. That was a well thought out comment.
    I wondered that same thing as my young daughter was attending high school ( she has long graduated since this post) and was wanting to hang out with a twenty year old.
    As a parent it brings up concerns. There is a big difference in maturity from 15 to 20 years of age.
    But are there adult programs everywhere for young adults to finish their high school credits and graduate?

    I hope this post brings this educational issue to light and the ones that teach and have the authority in our educational system to give some long awaited answers…

    You are right it does depend on the situation and yours is one of a happy ending, no more drugs a job and a future.

  39. I do agree but where do they go?
    Are there community colleges that offer a student to continue and finish high school or is the GED the only option?
    I wonder if it varies from state to state?

  40. im 18 turnin 19 in august. i was have 16 credits and go to canadian school in toronto. can i still go to high school or do i have to go to adult high school

  41. I do not know the answer to this one. We all have a lot of questions on this subject and one would think after all this time a educator would join this thread and post something!

  42. hi Wolf,
    it’s been a long time,,,(maybe a year πŸ™‚ )
    I am really glad to see that this thread is still going on.
    If you look up my name on the thread, you will find me πŸ™‚
    well, how’s everything going?
    I don’t know why but preaparing for a new school year kinda reminded me of this thread.
    so you removed your highschoolagelimit.com blog huh?

    As I told you,,I was 16 years old and was a Junior in high school in korea 3 years ago.
    I came to U.S from korea because my father held a business in here and my father did not want the family to be separated.

    I am 19 years old now,,, and I will a 20 year-old senior soon (in september)
    The fact that I am graduating next year kinda makes me happy haha

    so guys! do not be so depressed,,You are not too late yet.
    I have one good news to tell you.
    There is a guy that I know told me about the story of his brother. He and his brother came to U.S 2 years ago. His brother was 17 back then, however, there was no high school accepted him. The reason was that he was about to turn 18 at that moment. While he was knocking the doors of high school admission offices, he turned 18.
    Nontheless, he did not give up. He went to a lot of high schools and their offices. And he finally found one school accepted him last year and now he is going there.

    so If you are under 18 or 18, you still have a chance to attend a high school. guys please don’t give up.
    even if you are already over 18, you can go to ault school or CC and get your GED.
    Good luck guys!!

    P.s. Wolf, if you keep this thread alive, i’ll often come and tell my story πŸ™‚

  43. Well i went to Valencia High School California, and my cousin turn 18 on August 19 2010, and the consul secretary say “it’s no way you study here” but after she told us, the final desicion is on the CONSUL, so i have to wait until monday!!! but i will let you know…from this forum if they a accept a “20 year KID” i’m very sure she can go to high school…i will let you know!!!


  44. Great πŸ™‚ Keep us informed how it turns out…
    I haven’t been around much so sorry for the late approval on your comment!

    Have a good one

  45. It makes my day to hear back from you and that all is ok πŸ˜€ So you graduate this year… Totally awesome!

    That was a great story and it shows that everyone can make it happen, just keep knocking on doors and have the faith that one will open!

    I’ll be here for a long time and I hope to hear from all of you and know that everyone of you never gave up and have made your lives wonderful!

    All the best

  46. Oh Yeah, I took the forum down (highschoolagelimit.com) it just became a spam haven so I thought I would just keep this thread alive here. This is a good place for it.


  47. I am 32, but never finished high school due to my imigration status, had no other option than to work in whatever came. i started selling drugs and soon I was doing anything for money, taking escorts to wherever , but had no choice, I wanted to go to highschool, in fact I had only A, I was captian of the soccer team and president of my class. My sin was having indocumented parents, I became a criminal all of the sudden. Take advantage of this oportunity, We, the hispanics, are the new jewes, and the government the new Germans. We come from third world countries and will always be third class human beings. Take all the adventage of not having any chains.

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