Thirteen Things To Be Positive About Today

#1. I woke up this morning and I still have hair!

#2. Timber my dog, Made it to the front door Without even as much as a wine or a waddle-piss.

#3. There is only two thousand dishes in the sink this morning…You should have seen it Monday Morning! The dishwasher broke on Friday.

#4. When I left for work this morning I only came back once and then left for again.

#5. It could have been me at work that had to crawl under the house to finish the dishwasher install.

#6. I didn’t have to go up to the top of the hill at the dump today… The Seagulls Yuck!

#7. I was complaining at lunch about how it sucks to have to work all the time… My fortune cookie at lunch said “Accept Yourself ” Go figure, But I can now accept who I am… lol

#8. Cordy only took his shoes off Twice today at work.

#9. Trina finally got new glasses… Should we call a town meeting and let everyone know the streets are safe?

#10.I found My cell phone after three days with 16 new messages and 26 missed calles, no, wait, scratch that

#11. The sever for all my webstuff actually worked and the satellite guy fixed the satellite today so I have decent internet again.

#12. I had a KFC cheezy snacker at lunch to hold me over until dinner.

#13. That the farmers around me decided to cut the other five thousand acres of dry corn tomorrow… A AHHH AHHH CHOOO! A AHHH AHHH CHOOO!

Happy Thursday Thirteen


7 thoughts on “Thirteen Things To Be Positive About Today

  1. Gee, #4 — if I only had to come back once after I left for work, I might actually be on time for once!!
    Great TT and thanks for visiting!

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