Feed aggregator? Text Link Ads?

So since the last Google update I thought I would try something new since Wrongblog had lost it’s page rank to a Google rank of 1
Now Wrongblog has had a high page rank and then Google updates and it goes back down again.

I thought it might be fun to try a syndication plugin and see what happens…
Well the page rank went up to a Google rank of 2 and is back on the rise but Tex Link Ads sent me an email that said I was posting to many posts each day and the content might not be unique.

Well hell it has never been unique this blog has so many writers I had to close registrations. What were they thinking they have looked at this blog for six years!!!

What I have noticed is that not many are choosing to buy Text Link Ads anymore. If you do it may give you an unwanted backlink that will get you penalized by Google.

This blog was only making $4.00 a month from them in the last year and they couldn’t find an advertiser for over a year. It use to do very well with them and it made good money for a simple blog. So that goes to show that they don’t have what it takes anymore… Even Google took them off their search for a long time as if they were a link selling site with no value, Hmmmmm maybe they were right!?

With the new Google updates people are scrambling to get rid of all the unnecessary back links they received or bought because Google has penalized almost everyone. All the SEO experts are loosing clients because of this and rightly so if you are an expert and I paid you and I lost all my rank you would be fired asap!

So for now I will go back to writing and use the best advertiser on the web for us bloggers Intellilinks they pay well much better than text Link Ads I must say and they don’t sell junk links either.

Looking for extra money give them a try here is the link to Intellilinks just click the banner below.