Happy New Year!

Have a great day and wonderful New Year 🙂

It has definitely been a different year for everyone but I think the changes that came about at the end of the year were the best thing that could have happened to me but not just in my life but in our nation as a whole.

Houses are starting to sell in our area again, construction has picked up and some real estate friends have sold more houses in the last couple of moths then all year. If this is the outlook for 2010 then I’m happy!

I think if the media stopped telling everyone to be scared and how bad it is and the government would do a bit better in helping small business we would have a great 2010.

There are so many people who are a drain on our economy that do not deserve to be getting assistance they just know how to work the system… Driving around in their nice new cars, living in a nice big house and getting welfare, food stamps and public assistance they should be ashamed taking from the people who really need help 🙁 But I guess in their own minds they feel why shouldn’t they… Well it’s wrong! If all the companies who receive claims for insurance would just investigate a bit more and not just accept what is given to them our rates might not be as high and if the welfare dept would do the same we would be able to help more people in need not the ones knocking down a ton of cash and working the system.

I hope this year brings change to all the mess and this country, our county, and the big companies wise up and smell the roses and put the money in the hands of the people in need not the greedy.

I wish all of you the best and most prosperous new year


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