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Drivers with no insurance!

So we are on our way home from a nice boating adventure, what a nice day.
On the road coming home there is a minivan that can’t seem to stay in her lane!
When I got the chance to easily pass her legally, I did.
I really didn’t want to be behind a car that might have a head on collision!
So off we go, amazed at what we saw, then reflected on what a nice day it was.
As we come into a small town on the way back, we stop at the stop sign… Low and behold here she comes and runs right into the back of the boat.
Then she backs up like nothing happened until we get out of the truck and call the police. She apologized, she was sorry etc…
When the police arrived we all gave our license, insurance and registration.
Well, I told the officer how erratically And unsafely she was driving the last 15 miles and she admitted to wearing a pain relieving drug patch.
Then she gave them a bogus insurance card!
Oh, it gets better, it’s not her car!
The bastard that owns the car has no insurance either!
The office did an exchange of information and let her go… Weaving down the road… Now that’s just Wrong!

Has this happened to you?
Leave it in the comments!

In A Perfect Facebook World

Everything is a photo opt now days with everyone on FB.

It seems that everyone is sharing and posting thoughts of wisdom (and stupidity) pictures of every day, their dog or cat, even their kids. People around the world feel compelled to share almost everything they do and hope everyone hits the “like”button.

It’s almost unbelievable that FB has everyone uploading photos what they like, don’t like, where they go and what they do.

If your government asked you to do this, would you?

What about the people that share their thoughts or photos that don’t get “liked” by everyone, Is this an issue? Are we causing a new type of depression or is an old type brought out in a new social community?

Are there people on FB that feel their friends don’t care?

With the social society throwing all the “look at me”s, how many sit back and watch wishing they could live like others.

How many people have it this good to share all they do? Is it real? No one can have such a good day every day with our economy, money devalued, unemployment out of control, poverty etc… Right?

I’m not sure but I would bet there are a lot of emotional trauma and scars from being FB bashed or not getting the “likes” from their piers.
I haven’t had the pleasure, but I have seen posts where some have received hate comments and messages.

Is FB a problem on the rise? Kids and adults trying to keep up with the happy and coolest posts?
Have we created a fake society?
Have you ever heard, “oh I should Facebook that!” I think we all have.

We have all heard the comment… “I don’t need to watch soap operas, I look at Facebook!”

Have our lives become dependent on the “like” button?

With the games from FarmVille to Candy Crush to many others, how much time is spent on FB? How much time is spent looking for the best post or statement to share? What about spending time doing other things.
We are being pounded at home, work,on the road driving, unless you go to a place with no service. Then the comment comes up “why would any one want to live here!”

Is this our new reality, trying to talk with someone and they don’t hear a word because they are glued to their phone watching the latest video or looking at what’s happening on FB instead of engaging in a conversation or joining the rest of the room with their thoughts.

FB seems to be invading our lives and that is just what FB wants. Notifications on your phone, iPad, computer… Someone hits the “like” button and the phone goes off, the iPad dings, the computer honks to make sure we come back time after time.

There is much more to life than FB, spend quality time with your family and friends, the ones who really count in your life.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… You are cool. You are special. Your family thinks you are the best. You don’t need the approval or the “likes” or FB community to be special.

Oh by the way the photo is my dog “Red” please like and share I want him to be the coolest dog ever!


Nails… Really?!

So we had to go to the local laundry mat, oh yea!

I have been asked for money, no money, how about a smoke?
I don’t smoke and I don’t just give away money.

Now, I might feed you if your hungry but that’s a different blog post.

So we are getting close to being finished and one of the other patrons of the laundry mat decided to set up shop!

Yes you guessed it!
This is not a nail Solon and the folding tables are not for putting on and gluing fake nails or coloring nails.

Some people just don’t care and that’s just wrong.
Other people need to use the folding tables and don’t want to wait for you to finish your nails!

I am surprised at how many people just hang out at the laundry mat, some don’t have any clothes to wash but are sitting there watching the TV!

Oh well, we will fold them at home.