Thursday Thirteen #22 – Working at Home

13 Thoughts about Working At Home

1. As most of the Wrongblog regular readers know, I found a possible melanoma on my knee. To explain my self, I’m very white, very freckled, and when I was little spent most everyday of summer burnt… so I’m a prime candidate for Skin Cancer. I knew that I would have issues, but I truely expected them to happen in my 40’s or 50’s not when I’m 27. Anyway, so I work at home now and I have become obsessed. I look at every freckle, mole, or “blotch” and they used to seem normal to me, now I look at them and think I’m infested with skin cancers. And Googling images of skin cancers doesn’t help either….

2. I love that I can go to work in my Jammies and without doing my hair. The hair issue is very important because we’re in a heatwave and the humidity is very high.. I have curly hair and the only look I can manage without serious amounts of hair goop is the AFRO.

3. I get to listen to my favorite music all day and I don’t have to worry about anyone being offended. In the coffee shop, most of my customers probably thought I really enjoyed listening to the oldies (My girl, the twist, etc.) Here’s an example of what I like to listen to.’

4. In addition to listening to my favorite music, I get to dance and sing along. No one can see me so when “Word up” or “Beautiful People” comes on I can just stand up and stretch and well.. shake my ass. Or I sit here knowing no-one can hear me so I sing as loud as I want… I’m kind surprised that the dogs don’t start howling. LOL

5. I’m in the end of a pole barn. Granted it’s new and all and we remodeled it to be my office, but grasshoppers still get it. I had a new leaf growing on my orchid and one of those bastards ate the whole thing last night! And let’s not even mention what they’ve done to my pineapple plant! Oh the horrors… the agony… not. I’m just happy that I haven’t killed the plants yet… I don’t have a green thumb.

6. Freedom. I’m not worrying about what I need for tomorrow. If I need anything it will either wait or I go pick-it up. Most of the time though, it can wait.

7. I get to sleep in. I could really sleep in as late as I want but I’m happy waking up at 7 and not having to get dressed in “real” clothes until noon.

8. I really look forward to Friday nights. The local licquor store has a wine tasting on Friday nights where I meet up with a lot of people I know, followed by going out for fajitas and Margaritas. I can stay up all night cause I don’t have to get up early on Saturdays anymore.

9. I cook dinner again. I’ve always enjoyed cooking dinner but while I had the coffee shop I fed people all day and the last thing I wanted to do was go home and cook. Now I’m back home and we have homemade dinners again. I specialize in Enchiladas, Stir-fry, and Chicken Parm. I’m a pretty good cook if I do say so myself.

10. I get much more work done at home. I sell books online and I list more books when I don’t have people to BS with… I do miss BS’n everyday though.

11. I have a confession to make. I was listing books the other day and I came across a romance novel written by Fabio the cover said “see inside for your Fabio centerfold” I looked and then I was curious how good a writer Fabio was. The book was hot with lots of really steamy scenes and a really easy read. I still can’t believe I read it, romance novels are not my forte’, and what’s more, I can’t believe that I just admitted reading it.

12. Now that I have more time, all the taxes are done, and the bills are up to date and all the paperwork is in order of all our businesses.

13. Did I mention I’m still in my jammies?


12 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #22 – Working at Home

  1. My first published piece was “dear abbey, how can I get rid of freckles?” at the age of eleven!

    I’m confused, didn’t you have a crazy penguin post up? Did you take it down? I don’ t know how I found myself in this bizzaro other 13 world.

  2. Your old Penguin post is popping up when people follow your comment link. Just a heads up.

    Liked your TT today. Sounds like a workable solution. Maybe someday…

    I added pictures to my book list, if you’re interested.

  3. hee hee – i am also still in my jammies and it’s 3pm! Working from home is the best. We use instant messaging to keep connected with everyone. Hard to share a meal that way but at least you don’t feel like you’re all by yourself out there.

  4. Hope that turns out NOT to be melanoma. That’s scary.

    Cool list. I guess we all fantasize about working at home. I’d like to do so.

    I worked in the restaurant business for five years, not a coffee shop, but enough to know that I wasn’t cut out for that world.

  5. I love working from home in my jammies. Maybe if they’d let me wear jammies, I’d be ok with working outside the house? Nah, probably not.

    Hope that spot turns out to be just a really curious freckle!

  6. Supper at your house sounds delicious.

    I have a very fair complexion with freckles too, so I can relate about the freckle, I’ll be thinking about you and hoping that everything is A-OK.

    Thanks for visiting my TT about peridots.

  7. Wow…Fabio wrote a book? I just can’t reconcile this in my mind with the fact that the man eats so many eggs he actually smells like sulfur. (at least that’s what I heard, could be an urban legend) Happy TT!

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