Google’s Panda Update – Have you lost your traffic?

Well most of us have lost traffic but what I have noticed is that some didn’t loose, they gained.

Take this site for an example, Wrongblog had a page rank of 1 and now has a page rank of 2.

The only thing I have done differently is I added the site to Blog Directories and have had them featured.

I guess it’s the same thing I did when I started blogging years ago and didn’t know how to get traffic or noticed. I have to admit though, I have taken out all paid links and all irrelevant links but have left the rest alone. So not too much has changed, but my traffic has gone up and I gained in page rank. I can’t say this is the answer but it didn’t hurt as it did on my other sites.

So I am back to square one and working on getting back to a page rank of 4.

If you would like to gain some traffic and readers along with good quality links from sites that have a good rank I would suggest submitting your blog to and getting featured – it is a one time fee but well worth it as you will gain exposure. Also BlogDumps has a blog game that is played each Tuesday and has not hurt any ranking at all – in fact I have been doing it for some time now and when the update came along, the blog I use went from “zero” to a page rank of 1 not much but it moved up not down. This game is called Top Sites Tuesday and everyone checks in on Monday or Tuesday to post their link and everyone goes around and leaves a relevant comment to each post. This is nice because they are not spammy comments they are real comments. Also you can leave your link on a high page rank site with your relevant comment. Something to think about and give it a try, I can say do it for a week and then for a month and you will see a difference. Some blogs have gone over the top with comments and real visitors.

You can join BlogDumps here