Pumkins are growing!

I wrote the other day about the You Pick Pumpkin Patch I am creating here in the Seaford, Delaware area.

I had to take an early trip into the doctor today and I could not believe my eyes there were the most beautiful orange flowers across the fields. I stopped to take a look and we have a large amount of little pumpkins growing everywhere. How cool is that!

I have to give credit to the farmers, I always thought they just threw some seeds out there and let them grow. I found out this is not the case. Farmers have to work hard at their job and at all hours of the day.

It takes more than just planting the seeds. When there was no rain I found myself watering with the tractor with a watering machine we built well into the night because the days were so hot it would not have lasted long enough to germinate the seeds.

It is really satisfying to look out across the fields and see so many of them doing well.

The next thing to worry about is how to get all of these pumpkins sold to market and the rest for people to come pick with their kids. I have ordered some cards and I am advertising hitting the local produce stands but I have a feeling I have planted way too many but I guess we will see in the fall at harvest time.

First Pumpkin growing in Paul's Pumpkin Patch

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If you would like to follow our progress and fall specials you can find us on Facebook here. http://www.facebook.com/PaulsPumpkinPatch

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