So I Am Torn Between Blogs While Traveling

I don’t want to start another blog for traveling and I don’t want to use my web services blog, BlogDumps is just for that, BlogDumps.
I’m leaning toward using this blog for our travel log as we head to Florida on our sailboat, I think it is a good idea.

I guess one could say it doesn’t get used much anymore so why not, Right?

Right now I am in the mindset of fixing a few things on the boat and need to make sure all the lights and running gear are in working order. Last year we used most of the spare items like light bulbs and simple things so I am going to get some extras.

I bought a new VHF for the trip, the hard wired kind. We only had a hand held radio the last of the trip home last year… What a pain that was.

I also got an iPad for navigation and I think I am going to interface it with the flat screen TV so I can have the charts on there. It would be nice to have while on the move.

The Bimini top has had to be replaced so I made a couple changes so it will cover better in the rain. I hope they can get it done before it’s time to leave the dock!

Nine days to launch and lots to do!