Vero Beach South – TST #185

So it’s been another great week on the water. We left Jacksonville Beach over a week ago and we try to only move when the wind blows us in the right direction… South.

We stopped over in Vero Beach at the city marina – what a great place! You can’t anchor in the city if Vero Beach so to stop you have to get a mooring ball for $14 a night.. yeah I know it’s so expensive LOL The beach was a nice walk through the perfectly manicured town. Sunday we even happened upon an artists fair, when they display their artwork along the walk. There were beautiful murals, jewelry, stained glass work, oils and watercolors… all created by people with unimaginable amounts of talents. I would have taken pictures, but artist tend to frown on that behavior for copyright reasons.

When we came back to the marina from our walk we enjoyed the cruiser lounges where a few had gathered to watch the game. There are book exchanges in the cruiser marinas. I perused it looking to see what was there and happened upon: Son of a Witch. Which happens to be the second book in the Wicked series… it’ll tell you more about how great the book is when I finish it in a few days (trying to stretch it out and make it last a while)

When we left the Cruisers lounge we headed back to the dinghy dock – that’s where you park your dinghy when you come in. In Vero there’s this really neat little lagoon that’s just past the dock. I saw dolphin come in to feed earlier in the day and I suppose our timing was just perfect for dinner time because they were coming in again. The dolphins are so beautiful, graceful and strong the four or five of the swam in and rounded up fish. They jumped and splashed. They made waves chasing fish. I remembered that I had my camera with me 🙂

Thought #1 : always bring your camera when you’re on a trip

Dolphins in Vero Beach

Dolphins in Vero Beach

Dolphins in Vero Beach

Dolphins in Vero Beach

Thought #2: Remember you brought your camera with you!

I’ve seen some of the most beautiful, crystal green water when we started coming through the different inlets. and I can’t wait to contuinue our trek South. I’ll be taking lots more picture to share!

Happy New Year and Have a great Day!

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One thought on “Vero Beach South – TST #185

  1. Trina, I am looking forward to hearing what you think about the Son of a Witch. I read Wicked quite awhile ago and didn’t realize there was another.

    Your pictures are awesome. I can’t imagine seeing a dolphin that isn’t part of a zoo or Sea World. Looks like you are having a good time.

    Continue to travel safe!!! click

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