Navy 12 hull number 68NS8601 St. Lucie Florida

Today was a good day on the water until… This is what I wrote to the Navy via FB in a message. I could not find another contact for a civil complaint.

I tried to post to your FB page but it didn’t…
Approximately 1300 hours today Feb 3 Navy 12 hull number 68NS8601 approached the stern of our sailboat under a bridge headed East bound toward the St. Lucie lock Florida.
As I came through the bridge I gave way to port and slowed.
As the Captain of Navy 12 came along side within 25 feet of us he hit full speed ahead and threw a wake so large we were tossed about the boat. He was still in the no wake zone.
He had not even cleared the bridge completely My wife an I almost hit head on, in dodging me she landed half in the companion way hitting her head an hurting her neck. I did a face plant and hit my knee and hurt my ankle.
It’s a good thing this didn’t become life threatening, I called on the radio and he did not respond.

We entered the lock behind Navy 12 and no apology just a few looks. The lock master said I should report him.
Our boat was tossed so hard everything in the boat went flying.
In asking a Tow Boat US Captain on how to report this he told us not to bother it happens here, reporting it to the Coast Guard would be a waist of time they will just tell you ” oh well it’s the Navy.”
Really, there should be some Disciplinary action? This is Unacceptable Behavior, I thought you all were here to protect us and show everyone that safety comes first.

Paul Barnes S/V PT26

As you can see I was not nasty or hateful, it will be interesting to see if they respond.
I will update everyone weather they do or don’t.