Nails… Really?!

So we had to go to the local laundry mat, oh yea!

I have been asked for money, no money, how about a smoke?
I don’t smoke and I don’t just give away money.

Now, I might feed you if your hungry but that’s a different blog post.

So we are getting close to being finished and one of the other patrons of the laundry mat decided to set up shop!

Yes you guessed it!
This is not a nail Solon and the folding tables are not for putting on and gluing fake nails or coloring nails.

Some people just don’t care and that’s just wrong.
Other people need to use the folding tables and don’t want to wait for you to finish your nails!

I am surprised at how many people just hang out at the laundry mat, some don’t have any clothes to wash but are sitting there watching the TV!

Oh well, we will fold them at home.