Drivers with no insurance!

So we are on our way home from a nice boating adventure, what a nice day.
On the road coming home there is a minivan that can’t seem to stay in her lane!
When I got the chance to easily pass her legally, I did.
I really didn’t want to be behind a car that might have a head on collision!
So off we go, amazed at what we saw, then reflected on what a nice day it was.
As we come into a small town on the way back, we stop at the stop sign… Low and behold here she comes and runs right into the back of the boat.
Then she backs up like nothing happened until we get out of the truck and call the police. She apologized, she was sorry etc…
When the police arrived we all gave our license, insurance and registration.
Well, I told the officer how erratically And unsafely she was driving the last 15 miles and she admitted to wearing a pain relieving drug patch.
Then she gave them a bogus insurance card!
Oh, it gets better, it’s not her car!
The bastard that owns the car has no insurance either!
The office did an exchange of information and let her go… Weaving down the road… Now that’s just Wrong!

Has this happened to you?
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