How’s That Hope And Change Working Out For You?

I was sent an email with a link to a Youtube video… I know you all say “Well, they can say anything they want in these videos but what is the truth?” So I did some looking around and I will let you all decide, I will just put it on the table. I have never revealed who I vote for but I can say this time I did not follow the masses as I have found that after a year has gone by those that did not vote for our current president have said the same. Maybe we all thought… Just maybe he has something so I will keep quiet just in case I was wrong!

How’s that Hope and Change working out for you?

Wow, my life has become abundant with tons of cash and so much work. I am just lucky I know how to hustle, there are many that can’t or don’t know how. A lot of people have worked the same job all their life and do not have another trade or something to fall back on when the poop hit the fan and where did all those foreclosures go… LOL That hope and change really brought down the house… literally hows that house bought and valued at $199,900 that’s worth $129,900 now! Oh well, just keep paying…

Now, I have one rule if you didn’t vote, don’t bitch, you gave that right up when you didn’t vote!

I want to share a video about the Health care bill that is trying to be passed… This is your Government not me trying to sway you into what to do. If you feel this is wrong contact your politicians – yes “your” don’t forget they work for the people. We do have a voice as much as they don’t want us to think so!

Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 – Key Points

Since this video was made there have been some changes to the bill so here is a link to the PDF file for the Health care Bill HR 3200. This is not made up and this is for real so if you don’t believe the video, tear apart the PDF. Read it and leave your comments on this issue.

I noticed in the video Obama’s plan in 4 minutes he says, “The insurance companies can’t” a lot but he doesn’t say anything about the governments role in this bill other than how good it is. But read the document brought to light in the first video. Then you decide but before you do know both sides of this issue you may or may not like what you see and hear!

Obama’s health care plan overview

So where do we go from here? I don’t really know… I can say we as a people should stop taking everything for granted and listening to the Sweet talking politicians and get more involved. After all, this is “OUR” country!

Contact your local politicians and air your concerns. Peacefully, you will get much further with them and doors don’t get slammed.


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