Illegal Entry…U.S. Borders ?

There has been a lot of talk about our borders and illegal immigrants lately. I do feel that our borders should be secure. We need peace of mind that some angry terrorist can’t get into the U.S. We need more border patrol officers, which in turn means we need more funding. We have spent so much money on policing the world I would think it shouldn’t be a problem to spend a few dollars to step up patrols on our own borders. But getting funding for our homeland seems to be harder than getting funding for a project in another country (look at our hungry homeless people and familes!)

One of the problems we face with a tightly closed border is all the illegals that come to this country to do all the agricultural work and low paying jobs that we refuse to do ourselves. If we keep them out are YOU ready to go pick lettuce, peppers…etc? How about low pay construction work? Are you ready to hang drywall? I’m not. The guest worker program Could be a good idea. I don’t believe that a long term Visa is a good idea though. Guest workers should have to renew every one or two years. There are twelve million illegals in this country, half are mexican(reuters), some are making decent money and pay no taxes!

So why don’t we establish a guest worker program and give out the Visas? You and I don’t have to get dirty, we keep track of who is here, create an office that matches workers with employers, make sure they have a decent work environment and let’s tax them as we get taxed. Then use that money to pay the expenses for more border patrol officers and expenses incured by this program! Thats twelve million new tax payers!

If this country is run like an agressive, steamlined bussiness without all the wasted dollars by politictions, who have their own agenda to make a profit for themselves and the lobbyists they listen to, and start serving the people we would all be in a better place!


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One thought on “Illegal Entry…U.S. Borders ?

  1. It seems to me that it hasn’t mattered much if we’ve had Democrats or Republicans in control of Washington concerning immigration. We allow our Mexican border to be breached almost at will, and if a person gets here illegally they are allowed to stay and even be rewarded. (medical care, education, etc.)
    For me, it’s as simple as American employers wanting cheap labor instead of paying decent wages to U.S. citizens. I know there is are some jobs that immigrants do that most of us don’t want to do. I don’t have any problem with that at all as long as they are here LEGALLY. If they are here illegally, round them up and send them back!

    Our founding fathers knew and wrote that the slave trade was an abomination that would cause problems in our society for countless generations. Still, avarice prevailed in this matter for many years.

    Today’s lure of cheap, illegal immigrant labor is going to cost future generations dearly. Politicians have the power to stop it but don’t, WHY?
    Having proper immigration laws and enforcement is vital to our national security

    I would observe that if Native Americans had immigration laws that protected their interests 500 years ago, most of us wouldn’t be within 3,000 miles of what is now the U.S. They should have turned us Europeans around or shot us every time we tried to get off a boat. They let us stay “illegally” and look what happened to them. Wouldn’t we be wise to learn from their loss?

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