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Doing God’s Work Feeding the Hungry Here in the USA

There are some really good things happening here, this is “God’s Work” as they tell me at the shelters.

We all need to support this project every dollar helps feed children an their families right here at home.

Fresh, organic food – not junk!

Here is the description from the page.

Hi everyone my name is Paul Barnes. My wife, Katrina, and I have land on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
For the last three years we have been growing food for our local homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

We would like to expand and grow our operation to help feed more hungry children and families in need healthy, organic food.

The shelters we grow food for currently, one shelter feeds 1200 people a month and the other shelter houses and feeds 50 families a day.

We spend our extra time and money growing food for the homeless and the hungry. Fresh food is so important for people in need.

Canned and non perishable food is not the best diet for anyone, especially growing children.

Last year we were blessed with a large amount of chain link fence that a contractor was throwing away so we used an old horse shed and the fence and now we have chickens and are able to give eggs as well. 

We have 13 acres total but we can only grow and manage about 2 acres.  We don’t have the equipment or man power to use the whole piece of land. It would be awesome to expand our operation and to be able to feed more people. 

Even if we don’t raise money we will continue just on a small scale. And our neighbor farmer uses the rest of the 
Land and so it doesn’t become over grown . We had to do something with the extra land our tractor couldn’t bush hog it anymore. 

Every dollar you donate puts food in a child’s mouth, helps that mother and father feed their family, and helps the shelters help more people by feeding them the fresh, healthy food they can’t afford or don’t recieve.

Please for the love of God and his children, here is the link

Thank you all



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So this year after a fun filled trip of six months on our sailboat to the Florida coast. I have arrived back on the farm and started to do my work. It has been fun, a few houses that needed repair and the boat repair business has been booming.

Fall is just around the corner… Yes I said it, but you know how time flies!

I was looking at the fields here on the farm, they were a mess. The friend that was farming has not been able to do anything for the last two years (Kids getting married, college for the other etc…)
So I decided to plant pumpkins! Yes, Pumpkins. We created a you-pick and wholesale pumpkin business.

It was a bit tough at first because of the heat and no rain… June is not the best time around here for rain. We went for it anyway and came up with a great watering system and now the fields are growing like mad. We are finally out of the no rain cycle and back to a rain cycle that has been welcomed here on the farm for sure.

So for all of you in the Seaford, Sussex County, Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland on the Delmarva Peninsula, don’t go to those expensive pumpkin patches, bring the kids and get all the pumpkins you need at an affordable price! Have a church group or want a field trip to the pumpkin patch? We are here and would be happy to have you stop by and get a tour from one of our farm hands.
Please call in advance for large groups. We will be opening at the end of September and closing Mid-November.

Paul’s Pumpkin Patch
Fifty Seven Thirty Adams Road
Federalsburg MD. 21632
Call: Three zero two – two two eight – seven seven eight seven for more information.

If you would like to get some of our cool T Shirts and help support the Pumpkin Patch check out the items below. To view the item and visit our store double click the item that you like.
These are great gifts and cool clothing wear for the kids!

We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing all of you this Fall